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Local Electrician Offering EV Charger Installation Services For Over 10 Years

As electric vehicles gain popularity in Melbourne, the demand for reliable EV charging stations is growing. Our qualified electricians have set up various EV charging stations, making us your trusted source for EV charging solutions across Melbourne.

We provide EV charging station setups for both homes and businesses. Our team will walk you through the whole process, from start to finish, to make sure you get the most from your new EV charger.

If you are interested in getting an EV charging station installed in Melbourne, contact us. With our experience and know-how, we offer you the best advice, recommendations, and service around.

Our EV Charger Installations Services In Melbourne

Our seasoned electricians are here to guide you in selecting the perfect EV charger that suits your specific needs and to install it swiftly and expertly.

We offer a wide range of EV charger installation services, including:

> Home EV Charging Station Installation

Our experts will consult with you to identify the most suitable charging station for your electric vehicle, ensuring a secure and expert installation. Regardless of whether you’re still deciding on your EV or planning for future charging needs, our advice is always grounded in solid experience.

> Commercial EV Charging Station Installation

Whether you’re looking to attract more customers, offer perks to your staff, or create an extra income stream, we have years of experience suggesting and setting up commercial EV chargers in Melbourne and nearby areas.

> Maintenance and Upgrades

Should any problems crop up with your EV charging setup, our crew is on hand to offer repair and replacement solutions. We’re committed to ensuring your complete satisfaction with both our products and our service.

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Which Type Of EV Charger Is Best For You?

Our EV car charger installers are here to guide you through the available choices and to help you select the one that matches your requirements best.

> Level 1 EV Chargers / Mode 2

These are the slowest chargers, designed for plugging into a standard 230-volt outlet. Ideal for home use, they’re a good starting point if you plan to charge your car overnight, adding about 10-20 km of range per hour of charging.

> Level 2 EV Charger / Mode 3

These chargers are a step up, requiring a dedicated AC EV charger installation. Work well for both home and public use, offering up to 22kW (32 Amp, 3 Phase) power. Level 2 chargers can fill up your car in 4–8 hours, a popular choice for everyday charging needs.

> DC Fast EV Chargers / Mode 4

DC Fast Chargers are the go-to for quickest charge, commonly found at public and commercial stations. They utilise direct current (DC) to charge an electric vehicle much faster than Level 1 or 2 chargers.

5 Benefits Of Installing EV Chargers In Your Home

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Tesla Connector EV Chargers

Tailored specifically for Tesla vehicles, these connectors provide a quicker charging experience, allowing you to efficiently charge your Tesla overnight and be ready for the day ahead.

Connect with our EV car charger installers to find the perfect charging solution tailored to your lifestyle and driving habits.

EV Charger Installation

Frequently Asked Questions

EV charger installation involves setting up a charging station at your home or business, including mounting the charger, connecting it to the electrical system, and ensuring it's ready for safe use.
The time it takes for an EV car charger installation can vary, depending on the complexity of the setup and other factors.
The cost of a car EV charger home installation varies based on the type of charger and the specifics of your installation site. Contact us for a detailed quote.
If you're in Melbourne, our team at Teaslec is ready to help. We're experienced EV charger installers serving the entire area with top-notch service.