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Home security has come a long way from just using standard door locks to now including advanced monitoring systems. Nowadays, with the rise of smartphones, smart homes have become the latest trend. Adding a security system is a crucial step in making your home smart.

If you’re thinking about the type of security system you need, whether it should be wired or wireless, and how much it might cost, the answer really depends on what you need and your specific situation. Here at Teaslec Electrical & Solar, we offer home alarm systems and CCTV security cameras as part of our security system installation services in Melbourne.

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Role Of Security Camera System

Installing a security camera system on your Melbourne property is a smart way to enhance security and keep an eye on your premises. This involves setting up cameras in strategic locations around your property to monitor and record activities. This can stop burglars and help if anything wrong happens because you’ll have the video. 

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How It Works

After the cameras are up, they start recording everything they see. You can look at this video live on your phone or computer, or watch it later if you need to. Some systems even let you know if they see movement or something unusual.

How Can We Help

Talk to our team to figure out what kind of cameras you need and where they should go. Our licensed home security system installers in Melbourne will then set everything up for you. They’ll put the cameras in the right spots, and show you how to use it all.

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What Our Melbourne Security System Installation Covers

From alerting you of any unexpected movement to providing nonstop protection with CCTV, our fully qualified team helps you stay safe and secure by installing the most innovative home security systems. 

> Home Security Alarm System Installation

Our alarm systems provide real-time alerts, allowing you to respond quickly to any unauthorised entry attempts. You can customise your setup starting with just a few sensors and more as needed.

Our home security alarm systems are designed to reduce false alarms with advanced motion detectors that ignore everyday background noise, ensuring you’re alerted only when it matters.

> CCTV Security Camera System Installation

Our CCTV systems offer 24/7 monitoring of your property. These cameras are equipped with IP67 water resistance and built-in microphones, capturing clear video and audio no matter the weather. The system includes a 1TB hard drive for extensive storage, ensuring you can review up to 30 days of footage.

Motion detection capabilities send instant alerts to your phone, and with our easy-to-use digital video recorders, you can manage up to 24 cameras, ensuring every corner of your property is covered.

These systems are about giving you peace of mind. Our CCTV and security alarm system installation in Melbourne are tailored to provide you with a seamless security solution, ensuring that your home remains a safe place for you and your family. 

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Security Systems Installations

Frequently Asked Questions

After installation, we provide ongoing support for all our security systems, including maintenance checks, technical support, and system updates to ensure your security setup continues to function perfectly.

We provide comprehensive security system installation services in Melbourne, including home security systems, CCTV setups, and security camera installations, all performed by A-grade professionals.

Our team will work with you to assess your specific security needs, considering your property's layout and your personal preferences, to recommend the most effective security system that offers the best protection.