Solar Panel Maintenance & Repairs Melbourne


Make Your Solar Panels Last for Years with Our Repair & Maintenance

We don’t just install solar panels; we also stick around to help keep them working well for a long time! Whether it’s your first time needing help from us or you’re looking for our after-sales support, Teaslec Electrical & Solar offers complete solar panel maintenance in Melbourne, including repairs, cleaning and inspections, for homes and businesses.

Don’t waste your hard-earned money on everyday solar panel problems; instead, get them back on track with us.

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Keeping Melbourne's Solar Panels Safe

Have a solar system that’s more than 5 years old? Don’t forget to service it! 

Take a case of our past project: a customer called us because her solar panels stopped working. When we checked, we found the rooftop isolator was on fire and still hot! It turns out, a bad installation was the culprit!

Contact us for a thorough check of your solar system. Also, check out our past projects to see how we have preserved numerous solar systems’ lives in Melbourne.

Top Class Solar Panel Servicing

Looking after your solar panels regularly is key to keeping them working well and saving you money for a long time, whether for your home or business.

Here's what our solar panel service includes:

> Full System Check-Up:

We look over your whole system and take photos to show what we find, just like your power company wants.

> Electricity Checks:

We check how much electricity your panels are generating and ensure everything’s working right.

> Panel Inspection:

We visually inspect your panels for any signs of damage, like cracks or hot spots, and check they’re fixed on tightly.

> Safety Checks

We test the safety switches and make sure your inverter turns off and on at the right times, following safety standards.

> Wiring Check

We make sure all the wires are in good shape and placed correctly, not touching the panels or roof where they shouldn’t be.
We'll also give you tips on how to keep your solar panel system safe and effective, helping you to continue to save on high power costs.

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Why Choose Teaslec?

Leave Your Solar Panel Maintenance To Us!

Our Solar Panel Maintenance & Repairs

In the last few years, the rules for solar panels and how they should be set up have changed a lot. Teaslec meets Energy Safe Victoria’s rules, so you know you’re getting the best and most secure solar panel maintenance service with us.

Old Solar Panel Systems

Solar Panel Rooftop Issues

Solar Inverter Problems

Whether you need routine solar panel maintenance in Melbourne or repairs for specific problems, we’re here to help.

In-Depth Solar Maintenance Inspection in Melbourne

Our A-grade solar repair electricians will take care of your solar system’s inspection and maintenance with precision and expertise. They’ll evaluate how well your solar panels and inverter are working, making sure your solar investment is protected. 

After our thorough inspection, you’ll receive a comprehensive report detailing our findings, highlighting any areas that need immediate attention, and suggesting ways to boost your system’s performance. For the best solar repairs and maintenance in Melbourne, connect with us.

Solar Panel Maintenance & Repairs

Frequently Asked Questions

Look for signs such as decreased energy production, unusual sounds, or visible damage to your solar panels. If you notice anything concerning, contact Teaslec for a thorough inspection. Our team will assess the condition of your panels and provide the necessary repairs.
We recommend scheduling an annual solar maintenance inspection to ensure the continued efficiency and reliability of your solar panels. Regular maintenance helps identify and address potential issues, keeping your system in top shape. Reach out to us to book your solar checkup.
Yes, Teaslec offers comprehensive maintenance services for both residential and commercial solar systems in Melbourne. Our expertise covers a wide range of maintenance needs to keep your panels performing optimally.
Teaslec specialises in various solar repairs, addressing electrical issues, panel damage, and performance-related concerns for residential, industrial, and commercial setups. Our skilled technicians are equipped to handle a range of repair needs.
Yes, Teaslec is equipped to handle industrial solar system maintenance, ensuring the sustained efficiency and functionality of your solar setup. Our services cover a broad spectrum, from routine checks to addressing specific industrial solar maintenance needs.